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Admissions Policy

Our admission policy is set to maintain the following

  1. Compliance with the School’s aims & objective;
  2. Identify and admit students that will benefit from the values, education and activities of our community.

MKIP is a preschool (kindergarten) following the English National Curriculum (Early Years Foundation Stage - EYFS). The school is set in an international and culturally diverse community in Malaysia and student get to expose to various culture and tradition. The School has a strong UK Independent School ethos following its sister school, Mount Kelly, UK, in terms of its values, curriculum and holistic education. The schools use English in all their operations and ALL students are expected show a degree of competency according to their respective age group. The school will assess the candidate before entry to ensure all applicants are able to adhere to the school curriculum.  The school put huge emphasis on safety and child’s happiness while being not selective solely on previous academic background to promote equality.

Equal Opportunities

Mount Kelly practices fair assessment and equal opportunity to learning and do not discriminate against children from different background, race or creed. We highly respect human freedoms and human rights in the confound of Malaysia law. All candidate are given the same assessment criteria, irrespective of their parents’/guardians’ race, language, religion, political party, public opinion, social or national status, minority group or other relevant status.

Disability and Special Educational Needs

The school is coming with plans for the special education needs however such facilities is limited at the moment. We will ensure that we will do all we can within reasonable range and to comply with Malaysia’s law on disability & Special education needs.  The school need to be informed of any special needs or education assistance so that the child can follow and take advantage of the school’s education system. In addition, a detailed written explanation on disability & special needs are required during registration or subsequently, before accepting the offer letter. Special consideration/assistances can be given after the school deem it was necessary during the admission process or after the offer letter is issued. Parents can also request for the special consideration/assistance after the disability become apparent after admission, the school will seek consultation from the parents before implementing the adjustment to that may allow the children to continue studying in the school.

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