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Admissions Procedure

The admission procedures are constructed to evaluate your child’s capability & suitability for MKI School. Subsequently, our teachers will formulate an effective learning plan for your child to ensure that every child can benefit from MKIP education. The procedure.

Application Form

We strongly recommend parents to apply through our online webpage to speed up the application process. Online payment is to be pay through PAYPAL Application forms can also be downloaded in our school website or to be collected physically at our Admission Office in Medini 6, Iskandar Johor.   

Please fill up a separate application form if you have more than one applicant. Please ensure all the details is presented as accurate as possible.

A complete application form with the application documents (stated below) is required together with a non-refundable application fee of MYR 1000 (by cash or through PAYPALL). For further questions regarding payment, kindly liaise with our admission team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..my

Parents that is submitting the physical copy of the application may choose to submit in person at our admission office or through mail postage.

For parents that would like to submit the application forms during the interview stage, the admission team will need to request the original documents for verification purposes. If you are using the regular postal service, we recommend using Registered Post to ensure tracking and delivery.

For international students, please ensure that the ‘certified true copy stamp’ is present in each document to ensure the authenticity of the documents.

Kindly ensure you have satisfied all the requirement above before the school can arrange the interview session for your children.

Application periods starts two year in advance. For parents applying during the same academic year, we will go by first come first serve basis. First-tier Priority will be given to Capital Levy & Nomination Certificate holder.

Required Documents

Please submit the documents below together with a completed application form to our admission officers.  We require all documents to be submitted in English, kindly consult a professional translator for official translation if your original documents is presented in language other than English.  For further details, kindly consult our admission team for assistance:

  1. Child’s passport (full pages) – sight of original passport info page & photocopy of the full passport page including blank & cover page
  2. Child’s birth certificate – sight of the original and one copy
  3. Child’s Malaysian Identity Card or valid visa in the passport (wherever applicable) – sight of the original and one copy
  4. Copy of both parent’s full passport copies
  5. Both parent’s Malaysia Identity Card (where applicable) – sight of original and one copy
  6. Proof of address (recent utility bill or bank statement)
  7. Copies of the previous school’s report card -two term required (if applicable)
  8. Name of student’s current school and the Principle’s contact details for reference
  9. Copies of any previous Educational Psychologist’s evaluations (if applicable)
  10. Two passport sized photos of your child
  • Taken within the past three months
  • White background
  • Showing full frontal face with clear facial features
  • Dimensions: 35mm (width) x 45mm (height)

*kindly ensure that a certified true copy stamp is present in all your documents (international students)

Assessment and Interview

There will be a technical assessment and student observation process done by our teachers, prior to your child’s admission into our Preschool (Kindergarten) which compromise of Nursery, Reception & Upper Reception.  Our assessment aims to ensure that every Children that is admitted into MKIP will be able to keep up with the school curriculum. Data collected through the assessment will be used to enhance your child’s study experience and also assist our teachers in tracking and monitoring of their individual progress. We ensure that the assessments are child friendly yet focuses in testing & stretching your child’s potential.

The assessment and evaluative aspects of the admissions procedure is composed of:

  1. Entry observation & interview to ensure all students are capable to keep up with our curriculum
  2. Confidential references – A written reference from the applicants’ previous school is required. The written reference would need to explain the current student’s academic capability (test score, quizzes, finals score etc.), involvement in extra cocurricular activities, observable habits & behavior and any specific talent that is worth noticing & nurtured. In addition to that special circumstances such as special education needs or known disabilities are also required.
  3. Disability assessments – where applicable.

We will conduct the assessment in a pre-planned group activity.  Your children will be put in a warm & nurturing small group and our teachers will observe your child’ ‘School Readiness’ capability. We will put more emphasis on your child’s unique qualities & characteristics rather than academic competency such as Literacy (reading & writing) & Numeracy (mathematical capability). The following is the example of School Readiness qualities that our teachers is focusing on:

  1. Confidence & self-esteem
  2. Child’s capability according to their age group
    1. How independent is the child away from their parent
    2. Ability to stay focus and length of attention span
  3. Habit to share & taking turn
  4. Responding to simple questions
  5. Being active in learning, natural curiosities & problem solving

We highly recommend parents to engage the teachers especially during the interview session to discuss your child’s potential and alignment to our international School’s ethos. Parents can take this opportunity to learn more about the British education system which will boost their confidence before sending your children to Mount Kelly.

Invitation to reserve the school place

Within two weeks of the assessment and interview, parents will be informed of the outcome by email. If the assessment and interview has been successful, parents will be invited to reserve their a place at Mount Kelly International Preschool.

Offer and Acceptance

Applicants are admitted according to their admission priority (Nominees of Nomination Certificate Holders will receive top tier admission priority). Applicants will have guaranteed school place for our Preparatory School place of Year 1 or Year 2; children may be placed on a waiting list for over-subscribed year groups.

Overseas candidates

School report from previous school & letter of recommendation (preferably from the Principle/Head) is required. A skype call will be conducted with the applicant with their parents prior to entry.

Special Circumstances

Our teachers will take into consideration special circumstances that might affect the child’s performance & adaptability to the school. The following is the example of special consideration:

  1. Child have a poor health and have been absence from school;
  2. Family circumstances that cause bereavement;
  3. Child is adapting to a new education system
  4. Child have certain disabilities & special needs;

The school reserve the rights to request for further information is the student falls under the special circumstance category. Records such as medical certificate, psychologist report, family medical history for e.g. dyslexia follow up with the child’s current school progress report & sample of work are required for fair assessment purposes.


Parents must, at the earliest occasion, disclose any known or suspected circumstances relating to their child’s health, allergies, disabilities or learning difficulties.

Admissions Priority

In the event of oversubscription, admission priorities will follow the following order :

  1. INC Holders receive top-tier priority for admissions to MKIP and to Preparatory school Year 1.
  2. Children that are enrolled in the Babies and Toddlers Programmes at the time of application will receive priority admissions into the Preschool.
  3. Children from Mount Kelly International Preschool receive priority admission into Preparatory School Year 1, assessments will take place in the classroom setting by Mount Kelly International Preschool teachers and School Head.
  4. Applications are considered on a first-come-first-served basis and are open two years in advance.

Nomination Certificates and Admissions Priority

  1. Nomination Certificates can be subscribed to at any time before submission of the admissions application in order to receive admissions priority.
  2. Nomination Certificate holders’ nominated children enrolled in the Preschool will receive top-tier priority and guaranteed admissions into the Preparatory School.
  3. Please contact our Admissions Office at +607 288 2299 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for further details regarding the admissions priority for Nomination Certificate holders.

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