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Stay And Play Sessions

Medium of Instruction – English

Our Stay and Play programmes deliver the continuous provision of sensory, interactive and developmentally appropriate learning activities and resources in a welcoming and comfortable environment, for children and one accompanying caregiver.

Meaningful interactions from experienced early years practitioners extend your child’s learning and development, using planning strategies uniquely delivered for each individual child.

Accompanying adults are encouraged to join their child in play whilst our teachers will openly advise on ways to support your child’s development at home..

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Programme Age Programme Details

Bumblebee Crawlers
6 to 11 months


Through creative play, exposure to music, art and new experiences babies quickly learn about their environment and how to interact with other children and adults. In every lesson, we offer enjoyable messy play and craft activities including gluing, drawing, painting, water and pasta play, giving babies the chance to discover different textures and shapes.

Hedgehog Movers
12 to 18 months


Allowing children to make choices from a very early age encourages learning, internal confidence and self-control. The children gain more independence through taking part in age appropriate activities and can express themselves in the classroom.


In our playgroup the children will be introduced to new concepts through fun activities, as a part of play and language development. Each child is an individual and our attention to their interests and choices encourages them to focus on engaging with different activities, such as imaginative play, constructing with playdough, exploring the sandpit, water play and story time.

Badger Walkers
19 to 24 months


Every child at Mount Kelly is treated individually - There is a focus on following the children's choices and interests, enabling them to learn through play. The play opportunities in our programmes provide an extensive range of exciting opportunities for sensory play and discovery. A ‘Walker’ can really begin to explore building, rolling, sharing, listening, dancing, art making and more.


Through making choices and taking responsibility for their own learning, children learn through interacting with people, places and experiences. We work closely with each child and family in building self-confidence, independence and self-help skills, as well as the social and emotional skills required for a smooth transition to pre-nursery.

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